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The 2017 West of England ICT Conference

Online Safety Special

12th June 2017, BAWA Bristol

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Online Safety Special

This year’s event offers all those involved in the education of children and young people up to date information from national, regional and local leaders working in the field of online safety to improve leadership and teaching in safeguarding young people online.

The event offers schools and settings support in ensuring that their online safety processes are as robust as possible and to develop teacher knowledge to improve online safety teaching at all key stages.

  • Hear from leaders in the field of Online Safety

  • Keep up to date with the latest online developements

  • Networked and meet other educators passionate about safety online

The West of England ICT Conference

For over 18 years the West of England ICT group have been delivering premier education conferences to the region’s teachers and educational professionals, while providing a showcase for innovative and imaginative learning with technology.

For Teachers

The conference gives teachers and practitioners the opportunity to engage with their peers and hear about exciting developments in technology and how it supports quality learning.

For Leaders

Great computing in schools requires great leadership and the conference helps leaders develop their knowledge and understanding on how to ensure technology is having a positive impact on learners

For Learners

Technology is integral to learning in the 21st Century and the conference helps learners of all ages by showcasing quality learning and resources that engage, motivate and inspire.
Great to see enthusiastic children; EXCELLENT and very useful information
Francesca, 2016 Delegate
Excellent & eye-opening account of esafety in the constantly changing world!
Vivki, 2016 Delegate
Great inspiration to take back and use in schools.
Ian, 2016 Delegate
So many good ideas – my mind is racing!
Joanna, 2016 Delegate
Practical and realistic showing teachers how to use ICT within lessons
Anon, 2016 Delegate
I’ve gone away with loads of great ideas!
Anon, 2015 Delegate
This conference is not just about ICT – it’s for everyone who want to revist their educational values & to discover new ways to engage and motivate learners.
Kate, 2016 Delegate

Inspiring you and learners to achieve more!

Working together to support teachers  to create technology rich  learning experiences for all learners.

Who and what is WEict?

The WEict group of advisors have been working in the field of education for many years and collectively bring a wealth of expertise and experience of enhancing and supporting learning with purposeful technology. The group aims to help support teachers and schools in providing learners with rich meaningful experiences where technology is an integral part of developing understanding and skills. In the 21st Century our learners need to be imaginative, creative and flexible with the ability to over come problems in a collaborative environment. WEict believe that proficient use of technology is fundamental attribute for successful learners in our modern world.

The WEict Conference is the premier education technology event in the south west. Aimed at practitioners, the conference showcases the talent and innovation that is rich in our local schools. It is an opportunity to learn from others, to be inspired and to meet leaders in their field as well as to see the latest products and resources from a wide range of educational companies and providers.

Discerning and effective use of technology is a fundamental skill for all in the 21st Century and we want our learners to be able to use these skills to further their learning and to take their place in society.
We are a group of consultants and advisors both independent and local authority based who work with schools, settings and educators to help create meaningful and creative learning experiences enhanced by technology.
The WEict group is comprised of educators and experts who all have at least 20 years of experience of creating engaging experiences using technology that benefits learners. Members work with teachers, leaders and businesses to help bring 21st Century learning to life through the use of meaningful technology.
All learners of all ages have the ability to access technology that enriches their learning and develops their skills in order to be successful.

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This conference is organised by a partnership of local authorities

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